How to use Canine CRP

LifeAssays® Canine CRP Test Kit

Provides a point-of-care quantitative measurement of canine CRP in serum or plasma, in 11 minutes. This two-site immunoassay requires only a small sample volume (5μl), and uses two polyclonal antibodies, one magnetically labelled, directed against canine CRP. LifeAssays® Canine CRP testing helps veterinary professionals to easily integrate the measurement of CRP as a point-of-care tool.

Routine measurements of CRP provide:

  • Safer diagnosis.
  • Better estimation of prognosis and correct treatment of dogs with suspected inflammatory diseases.
  • The ability to monitor the efficacy of a treatment. Repeating the CRP test during and after treatment (e.g. antibiotics) indicates whether the selected treatment is effective.

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