Success stories & Equine Haptoglobin


“Like a dream come true”

- Peter Forssberg, former chief veterinarian of the Swedish Trotting Association.

“I think this is something that horse sports as a whole will benefit greatly from. And it’s our horses who’ll be the big winners – thanks to this new technique . If we can identify the horses with an insidious inflammation, we can stop them from training and competing and thus improve our animals’ health. We’ve seen horses that perform at top level with an inflammation in their body end up with myocarditis or, in the worst case, even die.”


“I chose to rely on LifeAssays and if I hadn't, I probably would have jeopardized the career
of my best horse”

     - Per Nordström, owner and manager of a stable with top-performing racehorses, including European and Swedish champions.



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