How to use Feline Serum Amyloid A (SAA) Test

LifeAssays® Feline SAA tests are performed on a benchtop instrument (LifeAssays® VetReader), using single-use reagent tests and a disposable algorithm chip. The chip contains all reagent identification data as well as calibration curves, providing better traceability and improved system control.

When a new reagent kit is opened, the enclosed chip is inserted into the VetReader and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit has been processed. Reagent and software upgrades are thus easily provided with each new reagent kit.

The LifeAssays® Feline SAA test system provides a quantitative measurement of feline SAA in serum at the point of care, within 11 minutes. LifeAssays® Feline SAA testing helps veterinary professionals to easily integrate the measurement of SAA as a point-of-care tool for diagnostics, as well as for monitoring disease
progression and treatment efficacy on inflammation in cats. Repeating the Feline SAA test during and after treatment (e.g. antibiotics) indicates whether the selected treatment has been effective and has reduced the inflammation or infection.


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