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Lifeassays in fighting cancer!


Dog cancer clinical trial, where LifeAssays Canine CRP test is used to monitor treatment, gives sick puppies a new leash on life!

The Chagrin Falls Pet Clinic in Ohio — led by Dr. Carol Osborne (r.) — is conducting a clinical trial on dogs with cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in canines, with nearly six million dogs dying from cancer each year. Many pet owners typically pay thousands to treat their four-legged friends through some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation with limited success. But this new, free immunotherapy trial could be a key to stopping canine cancer in its tracks — and it’s being touted as the future for human cancer treatment, too.

"This is the path to a cancer cure moving forward, for pets and for people," said Dr. Osborne, whose "Sychronization of Immunotherapy" study began in April and runs through December.

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