A Partner Proposal

A Great Product Always Make Friends

LifeAssays® AB has 2 clear areas for business development:


  1. Strategic focus on developing the veterinary market for its test system through a network of Distributors in Europe, USA and Asia managed by the Company itself. 
  2. OEM development/production of Partner applications on LifeAssays® AB proprietary technology platform. Partners can be f ex Human Diagnostic companies.


1. We are currently actively looking for possibilities to expand our distribution network and sales area.
  • A collaboration based on LifeAssays® AB proprietary technology platform to include analytes specified by the Partner.
  • A global or regional distribution right for LifeAssays® Vet System
  • A global or regionall OEM agreement to sell the LifeAssays® Vet system under the Partners’ own brand name.


2. Fully flexible contract manufacturing options to strengthen your business.
  • Throughout the development of your assay a dedicated and experienced team work on your product 
  • By changing the antibodies on the phases (silica and magnetic nanoparticles) a wide range of                       potentialmarkers  can be targeted. It is the properties of the target-specific antibodies that decide the specificity and sensitivity, and a  wide of range of tests can be developed and run based on this system..


Let us strengthen yourbusiness

Take advantageof our qualified experience and avoid reoccurring threats which affect your business’s
ability to supply to ensure that you succeed in your assay manufacturing.

Technical transfer to manufacturing.

LifeAssays has extensive experience and expertise in successfully transferring IVD products to manufacturing, regardless of the project complexities, including transferring assays into LifeAssays Solutions for routine

LifeAssays Ideal point-of-care system.

The system contains no optics.The tubing unit has a small footprint and weighs less than 1 kg, which makes it an ideal candidate for point-of-care settings. All updates are delivered with the “one computer chip” and require minimal maintenance and service. The unique technology is ideal for complicated sample matrices where, for instance, light scattering disturbance is an issue.

LifeAssays® System for near patient testing consist of the LifeAssays® Reader, disposable reagent vials and the disposable test specific “onechip computer”.
LifeAssay focus is on companion animals. Today the company has a canine (dog), Feline (cat) and Equine (horse) Acute phase protein (APP) called CRP on the market. APP are important and early markers for inflammation/infection and a valuable tool in the initial diagnosis and follow up of treatment.

  • Instrument, Patent Nos: US 6,110,660; US 7,910 063 and pending
  • Sampling Device, Patent No: US 6, 319, 209 and pending
  • The “one chip computer”, Patent application US 2009/0061418 A1


The procedure

A single blood drop (5-20 microliter) is collected from capillary or a venous blood collection tube. In analogy serum or plasma can be used as sample.

The sample is introduced into the reagent vial containing the immunochemical reagent and the reagent vial is then closed using integratedcap. The reagent vial is mixed using a bench-topvortex for 30 seconds and then inserted into the LifeAssays® VetReader, which measures an electromagnetic signal and subsequently, transfers this signal to the algorithm chip. The algorithm chip calculates the result which will be shown on the display. The entire measurement procedure is performed within 11 minutes I the LifeAssays® VetReader.

Assay principle

The assay principle is based upon a two-site or  “sandwich” heterogeneous immunoassay technique. When the sample is placed into the reagent vial and the contents are mixed, polyclonal antibody coated silica micro particles, used as the  solid phase in the assay, capture the target antigen(protein) present in the sample.

Monoclonal or polyclonal antibody coated magnetic nanoparticles detect the target antigen (protein) bound to the silica surfaces in a sandwich-binding format. The reagent vial is then loaded into the LifeAssays®Reader and the instrument waits 11 minutes before measuring the test result. During these 11 minutes the silica micro particles sediment to the bottom of the reagent vial forming a solid phase pellet. The magnetic property of the solidphase pellet is measured quantitatively with the LifeAssays® VetReader by detecting the change in inductance of the internal coil. This obtained electromagnetic signal is converted into a target antigen concentration unit (μg/ml) using a mathematical algorithm, which is batch specific.






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