About LifeAssays


LifeAssays is committed to helping people and their pets to live longer and healthier lives by providing innovative solutions to help with early disease detection and prevention.


Our mission is to accomplish this by providing a system that is Rapid, Easy to Use, Accurate and Simple.sdf

In brief

LifeAssays® is a Swedish diagnostic company focused on providing accurate and affordable point-of-care diagnostic testing for veterinarians, community health centres and primary physicians based on our unique, patented point-of-care technology platform. LifeAssays® AB was founded in 2000.

The technology was developed at Lund University, Sweden, and is based on small, nano-size magnetic particles and their subsequent application in biotechnological and medical research. The unique, patented point-of-care technology is composed of nano-size magnetic particles and a detector system for the identification of biological markers utilizing the technology. This point-of- care platform is the foundation of the diagnostic company LifeAssays®.

Today LifeAssays® is a growing diagnostic company with in-house development, manufacturing and market & sales. The company has been listed on the Nordic Growth Market stock exchange in Stockholm, Sweden since 2002.

LifeAssays will develop complete solutions involving a wide range of point-of-care tests used on the unique platform to offer the veterinary and human diagnostic market state-of-the-art products.



LifeAssays® is founded and the first US patent for its unique technology is granted.


LifeAssays® is listed on NGM (Nordic Growth Market)


Strong focus on human application of the technology. Publication of four different clinical studies of hs-CRP and CRP detection in whole blood and albumin in urine using LifeAssays® POC system. Intensive R&D and up-scaling activities for LifeAssays unique POCsystem.


Veterinary line based on the same technology is established. Finalization of LifeAssays® Vet Reader and veterinary reagents.Canine-CRPis established on the Nordic market. Production facilities opened, implementation of quality system and ISO certification for the company. Optimization of the Human point-of-care line continues.


Scientific results published validating LifeAssays’ Canine CRP test. Further expansion of sales network with European focus. Human CRP system CE-marked.

To be continued...

Anders Ingvarsson, CEO

"I have been part of the LifeAssays adventure since I took up the position as CEO in February 2011. Over the past year, the company has started a process of development with the aim of becoming an important player in the veterinary diagnostics market. At the same time,we are continuing to look for partners to bring our unique technology to the human diagnostics market.
LifeAssays has the potential to become a serious player in the veterinary POC market and I look forward to working with my team here in Lund to achieve this."


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