The LifeAssays®VetReader is for in vitro veterinary diagnostic use only. It is intended to be used with LifeAssays® test kits for quantification of clinically relevant veterinary markers in patient samples.

Running a test using the LifeAssays® System is easy and convenient.

  • Press Enter and place reagent vial in instrument.
  • Collect sample.
  • Remove reagent vial and insert sample capillary.
  • Reload vial in instrument. LifeAssays® VetReader automatically waits until the reaction is complete and then performs the measurement and displays the results. 

The LifeAssays® VetReader is designed to operate on a level surface in an area with an ambient
temperature between 18 and 25 °C. The instrument is not intended for mobile or field use and therefore, to avoid unforeseen damage due to transport, should not be moved unnecessarily between different operating locations.The VetReader is sensitive to environmental extremes and the following conditions should be

  • Excessive air flow: Do not place the instrument directly under a fan or ventilation. Excessive air flow (warm or cold) will interfere with the temperature-regulating system of the instrument's internal coil, which may cause the instrument to malfunction.
  • Excessive ambient light: Bright sunlight or strong incandescent light can cause the instrument to malfunction.
  • Excessive humidityCondensation directly on the sensitive electronic circuitry can cause the instrument to malfunction.
  • Excessive enclosure: The instrument must be free-standing during operation and should not be enclosed on a shelf or inside a cupboard. A free-working area with a minimum clearance space of 20 cm on all sides of the instrument is required for use.
  • DustCollection of dust inside the internal coil may affect instrument performance. Keep the work area clean and free from large particles. 

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Operating Manual (English)

VetReader Operating Manual (English)

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