The VetReader System

One compact reader for all tests

A complete solution for point-of-care analysis.

The LifeAssays® VetReader offers a new alternative for POC testing utilizing the unique and patented magnetic immunoassay (MIA) technique. The system is comprised of two parts: wet chemistry reagents in the assay vial where the immunoreactions take place, and an analytical instrument, the VetReader, for quantification and measuring. The two are linked by a disposable algorithm chip, a computer chip containing all of the data specific to the analysis, as well as a self-executable calculation algorithm. The single-use computer chip is the key to the LifeAssays® POC system, locking the reader to LifeAssays® reagents. When a new reagent kit is opened, the enclosed chip is inserted into the VetReader and remains in the reader until the last reagent vial in the kit has been processed. Upgrades are thus easily provided with each new reagent kit.

Performing tests with the LifeAssays® system is easy and convenient. Once prepared, insert the reagent vial with the sample into the instrument and the LifeAssays® VetReader will automatically perform the measurement and display the results after the completed reaction.

VetReader demonstration video

System Features

  • Compact benchtop instrument
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Disposable algorithm chip for improved system control
  • Automatic measurement and result presentation
  • Printer Interface
  • Superior non-optical system that measures biological samples directly


  • Maintenance-free – no optical components, no tubing
  • Part of the LifeAssays® Veterinary test system, panel with all tests on the same instrument
  • Rapid, easy and affordable
  • Extremely light weight (<1 kg) and minimal footprint
  • Highly advanced testing in a POC setting; same correlation (99%) as ELISA test normally performed in larger labs

Be sure.

Quantitative system

The LifeAssays® System offers a unique technology ideal for complex sample matrices where, for instance, light-scattering interference is an issue. Highly advanced testing in a POC setting; same correlation (99%) as ELISA test.


Easy and Rapid

Using the LifeAssays® System is easy. Insert the prepared reagent vial with sample into the LifeAssays® VetReader and the instrument automatically performs the measurement and display the result after the completed reaction. Fast and convenient.


Point-of-care testing

The LifeAssays® VetReader offers veterinary practitioners all of the functions and benefits provided by larger laboratory equipment – in a compact system for in-house laboratory testing specially developed for veterinary applications.

Assays in the pipeline

LifeAssays currently has the following acute phase protein (APP) tests for the veterinary diagnostics market: Canine CRP – for dogs; Feline Haptoglobin – for cats; and Equine Haptoglobin – for horses. APPs are important as early markers of inflammation/infection and constitute a valuable tool in initial diagnosis and treatment follow-up.

A high-sensitivity Canine CRP (HsCRP) is currently also under trial.



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Operating Manual (English)

VetReader Operating Manual (English)

Vortex Flyer (English)


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